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In the year of lockdown 2021, I moved to the Midwest, got married, and became a stepdad. And I thank God for it every day. But while becoming a stepfather is a journey that has changed me immensely and almost entirely, and wholly for the better, it’s still a challenging one.

What does it mean to be in charge of lives that will be in charge of lives long after I’m gone? That’s how Sunday Schooled started: With my desire to share my journey helping to raise Muslim kids who’ll live and love their faith. And because communities of faith are so underserved, I’ve kept Sunday Schooled free.

My hope is that my experiences can be of benefit to those with similar goals, similar challenges, and similar ways of looking at the world.

At Sunday Schooled, I share how our blended family talks about, practices, and celebrates faith. I share this through several different types of posts, which are numbered for your convenience, linked back to each other, and hopefully helpfully prefaced in ways that help you navigate this growing resource.

The primary and most frequent series is “Believing,” where I share a regular halaqa (class) I do with our older girls. There’s also a halaqa for the youngest, a ten year-old boy, and features like “For Parents,” where I feature people and content that can help parents make sense of tough or unfamiliar topics.

Alongside, there will be special reflections on sacred occasions—like Ramadan—and the occasional post from the Harooniverse, spotlighting book talks, upcoming sermons, or public appearances. I hope that these different posts help us think about how to live and pass on faith, how to share the culture and wisdom of our tradition.

So please join. Please share. And please stay engaged. I want to hear from you, know what you think, learn about how you live faith, and understand when I can do better.

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Raising Muslim kids who live and love their faith.


Haroon Moghul

Writer, professor, occasional Friday preacher. One-time stand up comic. (Literally, just that once.) Author of "How To Be a Muslim: An American Story" (2017) and "Two Billion Caliphs: A Vision of a Muslim Future" (2022).